Monday, February 21, 2011

China - Something for Everyone

Yes, I know this term may be a little over-used, but I simply could not think of a better headline for my very first blog entry. After visiting China many times, I do believe that China truly has something to offer for everyone. Please allow me to share a few examples with you.

The Student
Students in every educational field and in every kind of educational institution will greatly benefit from a visit to China. Understanding China is key to understanding the world of today. Exchanging thoughts and experiences with fellow Chinese students, visiting lectures at one of the many universities, or intensifying studies through special customized programs will not only expand the educational horizon of an individual but also improve a student's personal resume.

The Professional
China is open for business: The largest consumer market in the world, impressive manufacturing centers, all paired with a willing work force creating astonishing annual growth rates, - there is no doubt, the time to visit is now! Professional exchanges can be the starting point for new business relationships; attending international conventions in China contributes to a better understanding of doing business with this nation; conducting meetings and executive retreats in memorable settings; the infrastructure for all kind of professional visits is there, and China is ready to welcome you.

The City Dweller
Chinese cities are hectic, loud, bustling, busy; - and they are quiet, calming, and relaxing. Yes, opposites and contradictions are alive and do peacefully coexist as in few other places in the world. Fascinating is the mix of cell-phone yielding Chinese who start their day with an early-morning meditative T'ai Chi practice in a public park. Yes, the construction crane may be the new "national bird" but visitors still do find quiet corners where Chinese sit, sometimes play, and always talk. Incredible architecture, current and past, is right next to hidden alleys and courtyards. Visit Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong - and you will experience city live with a unique intensity, yet still allowing room and time for tradition and traditions.

The Nature Lover
Whether you enjoy the f low of majestic rivers like the Yangtze or the Yellow River or the famous silhouettes of the Karst Mountains near Guilin, the highest peaks of the world in the Himalayas, or the Mongolian steppe, China will surprise you. More interested in wildlife? Think of the lovable Giant Pandas, or join the bird watchers at Qinghai Lake. Then there are the Golden Monkey and the endangered South China Tiger. Wildlife and nature is in abundance and ready for your visit.

The History Buff
5,000 years of recorded history is almost impossible to comprehend: More than 20 dynasties spanning thousands of years including the famous Ming, Qin, Han, and Tang with all their historical sites, from the Great Wall of China to the hidden corners of the Forbidden City and the army of Terra Cotta Warriors in Xi'an. China is proud of its heritage and its richness in culture. History is omnipresent in every city and area in the country and history can help you understand people better.

The Epicurean
The richness of Chinese culture finds its way into all aspects of everyday life. Tea is not just a beverage here but an essential part of philosophy and culture. Chinese food may have spread around the world and adjusted to local taste, yet the original 10 cuisines need to be experienced right here. Beer is the most common alcoholic beverage in China, made from a variety of ingredients, from barley to rice, sorghum, and rye. And then, there's wine. Yes, wine from China. A secret no more with wineries more than a century old and more and more European wineries buying their way into this huge market, domestically and internationally. Your taste buds will enjoy the journey through China.

The Environmentalist
Yes, it may not be an obvious connection but China has become the world's leader in solar panel and wind turbine manufacturing. In each of the last five years China doubled its total installed wind capacity. The goal is to produce 15% renewable energy by 2020. All this may just be the an indication of where the country is headed...

China fascinates, intrigues, captures the visitors with a unique richness, diversity, and variety. This blog aims to inform readers about new developments in this fast-developing nation. CST focuses on educational, professional and special interest to China.

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