Monday, December 19, 2011

节日快乐 - Happy Holidays from your friends at China Special Tours

While Christmas is not officially observed in China, foreign visitors will not have to miss out on familiar sights and sounds: Plenty of Christmas decorations can be found in the malls, supermarkets, banks, and restaurants, -  and don’t be surprised to find clerks wearing Santa hats and green and red accessories. Tree lighting ceremonies can as easily be found as the picture-ready Santa.

A Christmas Tree in front of the Birds Nest
Chinese have not only adopted the habit of exchanging small, inexpensive gifts for Christmas but more and more also generously decorate Christmas trees (here called Tree of Lights) in their homes with paper chains, flowers, and lanterns. Since most Chinese are not Christian, the religious meaning is not of importance, it is however a great opportunity to get together with family members and to enjoy a luxurious meal, usually an elaborate Peking duck dinner.